Smart ID is a technology company that supports clients in the retail, logistics, manufacturing, HoReCa, and utilities industries to acquire, build, develop, create, and grow with the best hardware and software solutions and automation. It's our mission and our everyday.

What We Do

We develop complex solutions and applications, from omnichannel ERP to WMS, integrating hardware technologies such as fiscal printers, electronic labels, mobile equipment, and automation. All our applications and solutions are integrated into the Smart ID ecosystem, leading to simplification, efficiency, and reduced implementation time for a new solution.

Who We Work With


First, people. Then, everything else.

People are the ones who grow businesses. So, we grow people. We believe in the potential of each team member, support them in developing their skills, and give them the confidence they need to take their ideas further. We encourage creative thinking and cultivate a collaborative environment. We participate in professional development courses, mentorship programs, and offer colleagues opportunities for advancement within the company. The continuous development of each individual leads us to performance. We care about our colleagues, beyond their professional roles, and believe that each one's unique vision makes the team stronger.

Customers' Needs Are Our Needs

Our mission is to simplify the lives of our customers, and the first step is to thoroughly understand their needs. Their challenges become ours, and we don't stop until we develop the most suitable and efficient solution for each individual client. What we do motivates us, inspires us, and challenges us to want more. Most of the time, we go beyond the brief and exceed expectations. If it can be done better, we are the ones who can do it.

Innovation Is in Our DNA

We believe that anything is possible, even if we don't know how yet. We encourage lateral thinking and constructive curiosity because there's always a better way. What we propose must be extraordinary, not just functional. We develop innovative solutions because we dare to challenge the status quo and explore new possibilities. Patterns are comfortable, but they don't allow you to evolve. That's why we operate outside of them. To support this innovation-oriented thinking, we constantly invest in developing the team's skills, stay connected to the latest trends, and integrate the newest technologies.

We Count on Each Other, and for Each Other

We care about the safety and happiness of each of us, colleagues, or business partners, people from the client's team we work with directly, or suppliers who have been close to us from the beginning. A team only works when all those involved feel respected, valued, and seen. And for us, "team" means all those people who help us be better. Collaborators, colleagues, friends. We believe that we don't work next to each other; we work together.

What We Promise Is What We Do

We are a trusted partner because every day we turn words into actions. We believe that long-term collaboration must be based on honesty, transparency, and commitment. We are not afraid to make tough decisions or to speak things as they are. The most important thing is to keep our word. We know that our partners, customers, and employees rely on us, so we are fair and responsible in our relationship with each of them. The reputation we have built over the years is one of our most valuable assets. So, we defend it every day by keeping our promises.

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Our Management Team


Daniel Boangiu

CO-founder & CEO

With extensive experience in technology and a passion for innovation, Daniel has taken on the transformation of Smart ID into one of the most powerful technology companies in Romania. Daniel plays a crucial role in defining the company's vision, mission, and strategic direction, being responsible for the company's efforts related to mergers, acquisitions, and strategic investments.


Răzvan Drăgoi

Deputy CEO

With over 20 years of experience in management and strategic management, and more than 10 years of experience in sales, Răzvan is responsible for the development and implementation of the organization's strategic plans, as well as for setting the direction, objectives, and goals of the company. He oversees departments and teams, making operational decisions and optimizing processes.


Sebastian Dănișor

Chief Financial Officer

In his role as CFO at Smart ID, Sebastian oversees the management of capital flow, financial planning and analysis, investor relations, internal audit, and regulatory compliance. He joined the team in 2023, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in accounting, controlling, and identifying optimal solutions for investment funding needs.


Elena Ghinea

Chief Commercial Officer

Elena oversees Smart ID's business activities at the national level, and her team plays a crucial role in supporting customers with the most suitable hardware and Software and Automation solutions. She joined the team in 2012 and has since played a key role in strengthening partnerships with suppliers, managing customer relationships, and developing and implementing the sales strategy.


Nicu Boangiu

Chief Technical Officer

With over 25 years of experience in IT and software, Nicu has built one of the strongest and most innovative software development teams in the country. He plays a crucial role in the development and implementation of complex solutions, involving the integration of new Software and Automation technologies with industrial hardware equipment.


Alina Becico

Chief People Officer

As the leader of the Human Resources team, Alina supports the harmony and professional development of Smart ID employees nationwide. Her team oversees functions such as talent development, recruitment, employee relations and experience, benefits, compensation, and Employer Branding programs.


Alexandru Tudor

Chief Service Officer

Alexandru brings extensive expertise in managing the Service department and a passion for operational excellence. With over 18 years of experience in service management in the technology field, Alexandru has demonstrated remarkable skills in developing and implementing strategies to enhance customer experience and ensure optimal operation of integrated equipment within Smart ID's complex solutions.


Marian Coman

Automation Engineering Advisor

With a solid experience, over 23 years in engineering automation solutions and operations management, Marian actively contributes to the development and implementation of modern integrated solutions by Smart ID. Marian is dedicated to technological innovations, with practical expertise in automation engineering, aiming to improve the clients’ processes in various industries such as logistics, automation, manufacturing and retail.


Alex Matei

Retail Tech Advisor

With a profound understanding of innovative technological trends in retail, Alex is responsible for coordinating the implementation of new strategies dedicated to the retail industry, resulting in a unified structure that integrates all retail capabilities within Smart ID's portfolio. With over 18 years of experience in Big Retail, Alex is an expert in the digitalization of retail processes, supporting the growth of merchants' efficiency.

Who We Work For